Q: Can a player own multiple ships?
A: Definitely. A player can own many different ships. However, since he can only fly one ship himself, he will have to hire pilots to fly the other ships for him. These hired pilots can be NPCs or can be other players.

Q: How many ships will there be in Online-Universe.net?
A: Countless. First of all, ships can be put together from smaller components in many different ways so that there are countless different ships made from a set of components. Then there will always be new components introduced. The longer the game will be online, the more different ships will exist. This is also true for all other "property" like factories, upgrades, products and stations in X2OL.net.

Q: If large ships have turrets, how will they be controlled?
A: Ships with turrets are basically ships that support more than just one pilot. Again, those pilots can be NPCs or other players. Just like real players, NPCs have different skills.

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