Q: How big will the Online-Universe be?
A: The Online-Universe.net will expand as the number of players grows so that there is new space for players to explore and discover.

Q: Since there is only ONE universe for players from around the world, how are translations handled?
A: Online-Universe "core content" (e.g: menus and the client program itself) will automatically be presented in the language the player selects from a growing number of supported languages. When meeting other players, you will not necessarily have to speak the other player's language to communicate with him or her about most "normal" tasks. A modular communication system allows language independent communication. More individual comms are of course possible. From simple chat to head to head voice transmissions.

Q: Would players or player corps/guilds be able to construct ship yards and trading stations?
A: Almost everything in X2OL.net can be run by anybody and everything can be customized completely individually.

Q: Can I participate in the design of X2OL.net?
A: Yes. A growing community of developers can participate in the design of Online-Universe. For more details, go to the questsdk and get an account!


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